Urban Open-Access Robotic Plateform : Intelligent Transportation System in urban area

The Urban Open-Access Robotic Plateform consists in an experimental test site, PAVIN, and a vehicle, VIPALAB. PAVIN site is designed to simulate a fully-equiped urban area, and VIPALAB is designed for autonomous navigation is such areas.

The Urban OARP considers the problem of intelligent transportation systems in urban area applied to individual transport using autonomous cabs. Main tasks consists in going from one place to another taking the urban environment into account. The Urban OARP focuses on the navigation tasks of such cabs.

Experiment proposal may be sent from june 2012 to june 2013.


The main research focus for the Urban OARP is autonomous navigation and concerns:

  • Motion Planning
  • Localization
  • Control
  • Obstacle detection and tracking
  • ...

Interested reseachers may get in touch with the Urban OARP using the following address :