About PROTEUS Open Access Robotics Platforms

A PROTEUS Open-Access Robotic Platform (OARP) is a test-bed for evaluation of solution to a specific problem in mobile robotics.  Each OARP focuses on a specific aspect of mobile robotics.

The competition is split in two steps:

  1. Proposal of an Experiment Procedure :
    • Problem description
    • Abstract of the proposed solution
    • Expected results
    • Requirements.
  2. Development in the simulation framework: 
    • Using the PROTEUS Toolkit and a specific environment.
    • Accceptance of the OARP provider
  3. Test on a real robot :
    • With support from the OARP provider
    • On-site validation

The main objectives of the four OARP are :

  • to illustrate scenario and problems in mobile robotics
  • to give the opportunity to the robotic community to use a specific and targeted toolkit in order to perfom an experiment and disseminate their know-how.


Who organize?

  1. Urban OARP :  LASMEA (Clermont-Ferrand)
  2. Air ORAP :  ONERA (Toulouse)
  3. Offroad OARP: Thales TOSA (Elancourt)
  4. Intervention OARP : ECA (Saclay)


Who can apply?

Each OARP are open to the international robotics community (Academics and industrials) wishing to answer to a problem.