OARP and Youth Challenge organizers restitution day: 11/10/2013, Toulouse

On wednesday the 11th of October was held a meeting between the members of the consortium in order for the challenge and OARP organizers to restitute their experience concerning the uses of the development kit done on the platforms.

This day, organized by the Onera at Toulouse, was the occasion for the roboticians of the project to present the developments done during the project (including modelisation, simulation and implementations on the real robots) and to express their feedbacks to the developpers of the toolkit after one full year of use.



You can find presentations of Offroad OARP, RYC and AirLandOARP at these links:

RYC feedback presentation

Offroad OARP presentation

AirLand OARP presentation


Moreover, the intervention OARP group presented the BlenderMorse simulation interface they developped:

Blender Morse simulator interface by ECA


And finally the Urban OARP presented their experimental results of the implantation of a generated from RobotML code, and the comparison between these results on the real Vipalab and a simulated one on CyCabTK.