Intelligent surveillance systems : Robotics and Videosurveillance -



Founded in 2009, Effidence is a Young Innovative Company based in Clermont-Ferrand, a spin-off of CNRS-LASMEA and Cemagref laboratories located in Clermont-Ferrand. Effidence was born from the will of five scientists. After working on the design and development of optoelectronic modules for autonomous driving of intelligent vehicle, they decided to create a company about robotics and video surveillance.


Real-time embedded software of computer vision, signal processing, multi-sensor data fusion and real-time control of robotic systems.



Solutions for video surveillance and robot automatic guidance, and performs R&D services in robotics, computer vision and data fusion.

-  Anomaly detection and identification, multi-target tracking from video cameras (videosurveillance, surveillance UAV, …)

-  Obstacle Detection, localization & automatic guidance system of mobile robots, environment mapping (robotics, …)

-  Effibox: an embeddable multi-sensor data acquisition and fusion box for fast prototyping of robotic/automatic applications



Effidence devotes a significant portion of its activity to the achievement of research in collaborative projects (ANR, OSEO, ...) in partnership with public and private laboratories. Effidence chose a key position at the interface between research structures and clients contractors. Its objective is to ensure the link between research and industrial applications.