Intempora S.A is a French start-up of “Ecole des Mines de Paris”, established in October 2000. Nowadays INTEMPORA is composed of 7 persons, and is recognized by industrial and research laboratories customers for his professionalism and service quality in various application fields as automotive, aeronautics, defence and robotics.

The main INTEMPORA product is the RTMaps technology. This is a software used as a building base to conceive asynchronous applications with various sensors and actuators.  The RTMaps asynchronous acquisition is a unique feature that allows a complete parallel processing and re synchronization just when needed. All the theoretically complex parallel programming tasks are simplified and automatically managed by the RTMaps architecture and API.

The digital recorder is a great tool provided by RTMaps as an alternative to simulation. The digital recording consists in record simultaneously as many sensor source as wanted,and replay them exactly as they occurred, at the precision of millisecond.




RTMaps has proven his efficiency for eight years in various automotive R&D departments. Among the more impressive customers developments, made with RTMaps, are automatic driving (Urban DARPA Challenge 2007, ITS world 2009 demonstration done by South West Research Institute), car park assistance  (French manufacturers), pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, ... These kind applications are now more often denominated by UGV for Unmanned Ground Vehicle systems.

Following the market tendencies, INTEMPORA is working in adapting the RTMaps technology to service robotics. In 2008 for instance a partnership with Wifibot company as been concluded. Moreover, RTMaps can now run on smaller target, more suitable for service robotics applications.