Gostai is a robot manufacturer & editor of innovative software for robotics & Artificial Intelligence. Gostai's flagship product is its Jazz robot with applications in mobile telepresence & surveillance in the business world. It is built on top of Gostai's years of know-how, expertise and innovation in robotics.

Gostai also edits the Urbi open source operating system, which is implemented in more than 15 robots in the world to date, as well as Gostai Suite, a suite of graphical programming tools for robotics; and GostaiNet, the first cloud computing architecture for robotics.


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Gostai is born in March 2006, when Jean-Christophe Baillie founded the company to foster the development of Urbi, an innovative software platform for robotics. Since these early years, the company has continuously developed a whole set of software technologies for robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and created an ecosystem of partners and users.

Gostai is well known in the world of robotics for its Urbi software platform, which it has developed for over 5 years, and which makes all robots compatible and easy to program. Urbi makes robotics applications easier and faster to develop than traditional methods. It is compatible with several robots on the market today, and paves the way for the development of cross-robot applications by reducing costs and time to market.

Urbi is an innovative, simple to use, yet powerful universal software platform for robotics.
It includes a C++ distributed component architecture, a parallel and event-driven script language for orchestration, and many modules and interfaces to other platforms or components. Urbi enables the user to create components and drivers, called UObjects, which can run on top of Gostai Runtime. UObjects written in C++ can be imported and plugged in urbiscript to use them as normal objects inside the language. UObjects can also be run as remote objects, simple autonomous executables in Windows, Linux or Mac OSX. There’s no need to change a single line of code to switch from embedded "linked" mode to remote mode. Urbi is also compatible with ROS, and is used by hundreds of research labs in the world. It is now open source and makes it possible to use the same pieces of code on all compatible robots.

The urbiscript language is a programming language primarily designed for robotics. It’s a dynamic, prototype-based, object-oriented scripting language. It supports and emphasizes parallel and event-based programming, which are very popular paradigms in robotics, by providing core primitives and language constructs. urbiscript also includes tags which allow execution flow control.

Gostai is also a robot manufacturer with its Jazz Research robot dedicated to research in robotics.  Jazz was designed for service and research, with state of the art technology, an articulated head mounted with an LCD screen (optional), a docking station, an engaging design for rich interactions with humans and the Urbi open-source middleware for fast programming and flexibility. Beyond a simple pack of technologies, Jazz is a unique robot for researchers interested in rich human/robot interactions, thanks to its engaging design and articulated head with colored eyes that can express basic emotions.