The PRISME laboratory (formerly known as the Laboratory of Vision and Robotics LVR EA 2870 funded in 1988), is part of University of Orleans research laboratories. It is headed by Professor Y. Toure and gathers about 80 research fellows. The PRISME institute is a non-profit organisation currently supervised by the French ministry of research and nationally referenced as EA 4229. One of the project-team (i.e. Robotic Interactive Systems - SRI) of the PRISME institute leads research in Autonomous and tele-operated robotics and in Medical robotics.

Tele-operated medical robots and haptic devices systems is a strong theme of the research matters of the PRISME/LVR which has been involved in several applied robotics projects dedicated to medical fields since the 90. In 1998, with our first prototype SyrtechP Pand Himalaya experiment the SRI team (ex-LVR) will lead researches in robotised tele-echography. In 1999, SRI initiated and participated to the TER project leading to the development of an ultrasound-probe holder for the hospitals. Following this action, we have designed a light body-mounted robot to perform tele-echography. In 2000, we participated to the ESA tele-echography project TERESA where two robot prototypes of tele-echography were built. These 4 degrees-of-freedom (dof) robots were validated technically and clinically in two experiments.  In 2001, we coordinated a European IP project called OTELO, with 9 industrial and clinical partners. Three different prototypes of robot (6 dof), were built clinically validated in world premiere between Cyprus, France and Spain, using EutelSat and ISDN links.  With the Regional Agency of Hospitals (ARH) 5 tele-echographic robots ESTELE were bought, installed and used. The MARTE projects (1, 2 and 3), subsidized by the ministers of Foreign affairs of France and Cyprus allowed us to develop the mobile application of tele-echography. As Coordinator, we have performed several experiments in moving ambulances and in cruise line ship. The SRI holds 2 European patents on the tele-echographic robots with copyright agreements sold to three national companies.Mobile robotic is a major topic in SRI team of PRISME Institute (ex-LVR). We have begun by applied research with BA System Company in 1996 to design a wireless guided indoor industrial mobile robot. In 1999, we have addressed the problem of modelling unknown but structured environment without absolute sensors. These works lead to validation on an indoor mobile robot (RAOUL) using rotating laser range telemeters able to evolve autonomously in unknown environment. In 2001, we have designed and implemented a mechanical motion system allowing a ground vehicle to perform omnidirectional movements (ROMNI). Since 2003, we have provided a multi-level robot control architecture which merged various degrees of tele-operation and autonomy. Nowadays, we worked on a model based predictive control for mobile robots navigation, dedicated to Cycab platform.

The PRISME laboratory is the WP4 leader of the project, and also the organizer of the Robotic Young Challenge.

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