PROTEUS Ojective

Overall Objective

The objective of the PROTEUS project is to create an technological infrastructure, called a platform, that will foster exchanges, co operations and more largely interactions among the members of the French robotic community The main idea of this platform is to federate the members of the community (academics as well as industrials) through their capability to share their skills, their know-hows and their findings.

This project is supported by the “Groupement De Recherche Robotique” and its associated partners’ club.

The following figure sketches the ideal goal defined by the workgroup issued of the discussion between the GDR and the partners’ club. There would be a place, a forge, a portal where anybody, academics as well as industrials could define problems and propose solutions using common tools, benchmarks and representations (some examples of interactions are provided coming from and going to partners of the proposal). Then anybody would be able to download and use those elements either to assess possible technologies or to understand what a problem is.

This place would also offer means to the community to organise and manage events such as challenges that would leverage community developments through their comparison and dissemination.

Thus the specific goal of the project is to put in place such a platform and fill in first elements that will make it live after the end of the project.

Scientific and technical objectives

Such an innovative platform will allow the members of the community to:

  • Identify problems. These problems would be delivered as specifications or simulations including models and eventually real data (could be compared to the Robocup approach);
  • Design solutions to the problems by creating architectures and algorithms with their own environments and tools;
  • Integrate their solutions into the corresponding simulations, in order to verify the consistency of the solutions with respect to the problems;
  • Assess the solution into its proper environment starting from the integrated simulation;
  • Publish and Compare solutions through a public area the problems and their solutions, storing them in the PROTEUS database;
  • Test solutions on real industrial robots, the interface of those robots being consistent with the interfaces of the simulated robots as expressed in the validated simulations.

Key point

During the project the partners will have to provide formalised common views of the robotic field. For these views to be useful they will have to contain information and associated processing capabilities. If a view is too detailed, it will mean it is a part of a specific sub domain. The key point will be the capability to equilibrate generality and usefulness.

The other key point will be for the project to provide enough added value to the portal that it initiates a wide use by the community that will make it live AFTER the end of the project.

Production of the project

In order to create this platform, the different shared products that will exist at the end of the project are:

  • Ontologies covering part of the robotic field. The partners expertise covers aerial, ground, marine / submarine and humanoid robots;
  • Domain Specific Languages (DSL) allowing the description of the problems for specific part of the robotic domain;
  • Reference robotic scenario, described in the so-called DSLs that will provide challenges;
  • Set of tools associated with the workflow underlined by the objectives of the platform;
  • Testing products associated with the challenge  actions promoted by the project and that will be the first scenarios, algorithms, simulations, challenges as can be seen on the previous schematic

These products will be delivered through the portal and that represents in itself another of the PROTEUS product.