Simulator of Intervention OARP

The following diagram shows the entities involved in the OARP process.

The Platform, Sensor and Environment models are parts of the PROTEUS Tools. They will be provided by the PROTEUS consortium to the challengers.



The Platform CAMELEON simulator is done by using BLENDER for the mechanical modelling and MORSE for the robotics behaviours.

The simulator provided by ECA offer simple and practical tools to test and validate under simulation the pieces of sofware developped by the participants.


This software is written in C++ under WxWidgets 2.8.

Architecture Simulator CAMELEON

It is simply activated by clicking on the starting Icon.

The following picture represent he main windows of this simulator.

CAMELEON Simulator - Main screen

Then the application allows:


  • To define the robot and its environment.

Environment and Robot definition

In the current version we used two environments, and two robots, the CAMELON and the WiFiBoot platform

ECA AreaCAMELEON Blender representation

  • To define and parameterize (position on the robots and main characteristics) the involved sensors.

Actuators and sensors definition

CAMLEON and sensors preview

  • To save the current configuration or load an already existing one.
  • To activate a simulation. The simulation could be a simple one allowing driving the platform with a joystick or a more complex one involving additional software modules (SLAM or automatic path generation and following as example).

  •  To display sensor data in real time and according different  format.

Simple simulation view

Embebbed sensors data viewer

You will find hereafter the links to the :

Simulator Installation manual

Simulator User manuel

Video demonstration: